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Investing in healthcare

Investing in healthcare carries many risks due to the strong competition between many companies and service providers, especially in the traditional sectors (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.), the high cost in the technical sectors, and the difficulty of convincing doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners on the one hand, and patients on the other hand, to utilize new technologies and ideas.
Some ideas may succeed in the experimental stages, but when trying to transfer them to the commercial stage, they face many difficulties.
At WMH, we believe that the success of investments must be accompanied by belief in the idea and the opportunity, but before that there must be good research and evaluation criteria in order to assess the feasibility of the opportunity. When investing in an existing opportunity, it is necessary to study, in detail, the company’s situation, from several aspects, so that there is great certainty about the successful ability to expand and increase returns and profits in a way that satisfies shareholders and owners.


At WMH, we have some strategic goals

  • Building the reputation as one of the biggest names in the field.
  • Identifying appropriate and promising investment opportunities.
  • Building a diversified investment portfolio.
  • Maximizing investment returns.
  • Building strategic partnerships.
  • Supporting innovation and medical technological progress.
  • Building the optimal institutional model for investment in the health sector.

Since there are multiple sub-sectors in healthcare, we are focusing on a number of areas as our priorities, in accordance with basic principles that constitute the company’s strategy in choosing appropriate opportunities, some of which are:

  • Investing in several different geographical regions, focusing on opportunities in KSA, GCC and the surrounding region.
  • Focusing on disruptive opportunities, such as discovering new diagnostic methods.
  •  Focusing on opportunities that are compatible with KSA healthcare transformation strategic goals, such as long-term care, mental health, and others.
  • Focusing on opportunities that contribute to the localization of medical industries in the Kingdom.
  • Focusing on specialized service providers.
  • Building partnerships with large specialized companies from abroad to bring them to the Saudi market

The company has several mechanisms for searching and accessing investment opportunities, such as:

  • Relationships and direct communication with the owners.
  • Exhibitions and conferences.
  • Business incubators and enablers.
  • Direct search.

The opportunity evaluation mechanism includes many steps that aim to reach a decision based on thoughtful and objective data.


Wesam Medical Holding is a healthcare investment company aiming to build a diversified portfolio with high returns by looking for attractive investment opportunities and growing by helping our partners grow

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